Light Therapy Device

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Light Therapy is a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

Light Therapy devices harness the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths, which can be effective in accelerating the natural healing of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain.  Cells that are damaged can be rejuvenated by red and infrared light.

Light therapy works by restoring energy in damaged cells and increasing blood flow using highly beneficial wavelengths of red and infrared light.  The function of a cell will be compromised after damage caused by injury, surgery, disease or if the body is slower to heal from conditions such as diabetes.  When light therapy is applied quickly after acute injury, the process of cell death can be prevented which will lead to quicker healing and recovery following injury.

Cells in people and animals are receptive to light and from numerous clinical and scientific studies, the effects of red and infrared light are:

  • Increases energy in cells (production of ATP in the mitochondria)
  • Increases circulation
  • Increased cell regeneration
  • Reduces inflammation and increases lymphatic activity
  • Increases immune system activity
  • Cell death is reversed when applied within 4-6 hrs of injury
  • Regulation of collagen production helping to reduce scarring
  • Pain relief and calming by increasing endorphins and serotonin



The device features a light-emitting array with high-power red & infrared light emitting diodes.


Power output 1 300mW
Coverage 4.7cm2
Wavelengths 633nw red, 850nm infrared
Mains Power 100 ~ 240VAC
Battery Voltage 7.2V DC
Battery Charger 12V, 1A
Weight 280 grams
Charging 3 - 4 Hours