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Turn your mobile into a powerful reporting tool using our specialist thermal imaging software

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Taking regular thermal images allows you to recognise early signs of illness or infection so that you can take action early

Thermal Imaging

For storing, managing and analysing your thermal images

Thermal Imaging Software

Specialists in providing you with the latest thermal imaging software and technologies to help enhance how you care for and manage your animals

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Thermal Imaging Software

ThermaFY thermal imaging software has been designed to simplify taking, storing, managing and analysing your thermal images; giving you new insights and intelligence from your images. 

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I use the Thermavet to track changes and look back on injury images. This gives me great peace of mind as I am able to check how my horse is reacting to different forms of exercise to maximise his recovery. 

Testimonial George Wood Event Rider
Georgie Wood - Event Rider

This is a fantastic tool and a must have for everyone. It's really easy to use and I could clearly see one of my ponies had a poorly shoulder and hamstring.  Very happy to recommend.

Testimonial The Oakes Family - Showing Team
The Oakes Family - Showing Team

Huge thanks to the ThermaVet team, I honestly don't know how I managed without my ThermaVet gadget. I use it every day and can't recommend it enough, it's worth it's weight in gold.

Testimonial Cass Riggs - Eventer and Owner of South Farm Equest
Cass Riggs - Eventer and Owner of South Farm Equest

I was instantly taken by how convenient ThermaVet was being able to attach it to my phone. I have found that building up an image library for each client gives the client and myself a visual reference of change. I'd highly recommend Thermavet.

Testimonial Freddie Bunting - Equiost Equine Osteopathy
Freddie Bunting - Equiost Equine Osteopathy

I purchased my Thermavet to help me more accurately target my laser treatment in horses which has been invaluable. I had been treating a horse recently without any issues but during a recent treatment session the mare wouldn't let me treat a specific area so we thermal imaged it which showed a tiny hot spot, we clipped the area and she had a tiny thorn in the medial aspect of her hock, once removed treatment continued as normal.

Christine Wakefield

My thermaVet's been a great asset to my yard as we use it to record how our horses feel. We have a 19 year old Tb that used to race and still competes, but does have the odd off day with feet and hocks. We keep records of body temp in different areas so we can keep a eye on general well-being.

Testimonial Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox

It is invaluable to me with clients and I always have it with me. Amazing for looking further into muscular injuries. I also use it for checking heat in their legs after an event. 

Testimonial Dee Holdsworth - Dynamic Sports Massage
Dee Holdsworth - Dynamic Sports Massage

I have used light therapy with great success on many animal injuries. The ultimate benefit is, I can use it on myself too, from managing arthritis discomfort and RSI, to bruising, burns and tight tendons.  I am amazed this winter, that if I treat my awful chilblains once, I don’t have to treat them again for 7-10 days! 

Karen Perry Animal Therapy

I bought a ThermaVet as my mare has equine metabolic syndrome and is prone to laminitis. Such a useful tool in helping to keep an eye on my mare. A very happy customer

Testimonial Sophie Roberts
Sophie Roberts