Optimise your images

Hints and tips to help you get the most out of your thermal images

When you first get your ThermaVet the factory colour settings are set on Iron, we would recommend you change this to the rainbow setting by clicking on the colour pallet in the bottom right corner.

We also recommend that you take regular photos to build up a base line of images to establish what is normal for each of your animals. 

To ensure the images you take are useful and accurate we recommend that you:

  • Keep subject out of direct sunlight, draughts and wind
  • Do not exercise or groom animal two hours prior
  • Remove any rugs/covers, bandages/boots for at least one hour before
  • Do not pull mane and tail for up to 24 hours prior
  • Animal must be dry and free of dirt
  • Pick out horses feet and make sure they are clean
  • Avoid creams or sprays for 24 hours
  • Take into consideration that if an animal has a thick, hairy coat it may hide the heat
  • Take into consideration the effect of anti-inflammatories