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Christine Wakefield

I am a human and equine low level laser therapist and purchased my Thermavet thermal imaging camera to help me more accurately target my laser treatment in horses which has been invaluable. I had been treating a horse recently for mild capped hock without any issues but during a recent treatment session the mare wouldn't let me treat a specific area so we thermal imaged it which showed a tiny hot spot, we clipped the area and she had a tiny thorn in the medial aspect of her hock,once removed treatment continued as normal. I also find the thermal camera useful when treating humans to show them a reduction in inflammation after laser treatment which they find very informative

Equiost Equine Osteopathy

Freddie Bunting - Equiost Equine Osteopathy

I came across Thermavet at 'Horse of the year show' last year and was instantly taken by how convenient it was being able to attach it to my phone. I'm a human and equine Osteopath and I have found It's a great tool to use as a quantifiable measure of progress as well as aiding one's working diagnosis.  I have found that building up an image library for each client gives both the client and myself a visual reference of change within the areas of treatment. I'd highly recommend Thermavet to all equine professionals. Even professional/private owners could use Thermavet by being able to spot problems early and save time and money by calling the right professional in.

Karen Perry Animal Therapy

I have used light therapy with great success on ligament and tendon injuries, splints, skin rashes and sweat lumps, mud fever, girth sores, muscle pulls and tears, trigger points, hip dysplasia (dogs) and cuts and bruises. The ultimate benefit is, I can use it on myself too, from managing arthritis discomfort and RSI, to bruising, burns and tight tendons.  I am amazed this winter, that if I treat my awful chilblains once, I don’t have to treat them again for 7-10 days! 

Andrea Cox

I purchased my therma vet at badminton . It's been a great asset to my yard as we use it for a recorded record of how are horses feel as we have a 19 year old Tb that used to race and still competes but does have the odd off day with feet and hocks and also a couple of others that we keep records of the body temp in different areas so we can keep a eye on there well being . Thanks Andrea

Dee Holdsworth - Dynamic Sports Massage

I was fortunate enough to keep bumping into Amanda and Dawn as I ran around from horse and rider at events. I feel really lucky to be sponsored and involved in such an exciting and new technology in the equestrian and thermal imaging world. This little bit of kit is invaluable to me with clients and I always have it with me. Amazing for looking further into muscular injuries and I also use it for checking heat in their legs after an event. All ESMA therapists and my clients recieve a 10% discount with my discount code.

Sophie Roberts 

I bought a ThermaVet at badminton horse trials as my mare has equine metabolic syndrome which means she is very prone to laminitis and I over react and feel heat that is not even there as I am very paranoid about it, as when she was first diagnosed she had to spend 13 weeks on box rest and rotated her pedal bone. So this summer when she started showing signs I used my ThermaVet to check for heat in her hooves and as soon as there was more heat in one hoof than the other I could take the action that is needed and really restricted her grazing and kept checking her hooves everyday which means no weeks of box rest. My farrier also uses it when he comes out to help check for signs of heat. Its such a useful tool which has helped to prevent my mare getting laminitis and carry on our summer without worry. A very happy customer

Victoria Russell - McTimoney Chiropractor

As a chiropractor I am familiar with the use of imaging and as a competitive dressage rider we have in the past used thermal imaging as a diagnostic aid when trying to establish the cause of a lameness issue. Having seen the Therma-Vet device at Badminton earlier this year when my big competition horse, Boy, was injured and we were being advised possible euthanasia we immediately bought one. OK it is not going to cure the problem but we are trying a number of different treatments and I needed a method of monitoring progress. Whilst still a work in progress using the Photizo Light Therapy, the Equine Arc unit and shortly an EquiVibe floor the Therma-Vet is giving me just what I need - you can follow progress on the ThermaVet FaceBook page. 

Already I am getting requests from others for me to use and demonstrate the device and I can see it becoming an integral part of my future animal rehabilitation practice which I hope to run alongside my human chiropractic Clinic.  

For more information about me you can visit www.thechiropracticway.co.uk or follow my Equine experiences on Facebook at Victoria Russell Dressage.

Henrietta Horsley-Gubbins

Your thermal imaging camera, is going to be of huge help to us. When competing on a regular basis all my horses need to be in top condition, however it is inevitable that they do on occasion get strained or sore. The camera will allow me to monitor my horses on a more in-depth detail, and will give me greater confidence in their health and well being. Being able to detect the source of pain will allow us to help their recovery and further monitor them back into health. I really feel this will help give me and my mum a great deal more sleep and peace!

ThermaVet: Henrietta recently won a ThermaVet for being awarded Champion Working Hunter Pony at the Royal Three Counties Show - qualifying for HOYS! We'll be watching her progress. We have a stand at HOYS so please come and see us!

Martin Bosley - Martin Bosley Racing

The ThermaVet saves me time, is easy to use, non-invasive and is an essential piece of everyday kit for any yard, racing or not. I’m more than happy to recommend.

Hannah Anderson - Veterinary Student, Edinburgh

Hi everyone! I am a veterinary student at the Royal (Dick) Vet of Veterinary Sciences here in Edinburgh. For the next few months, I will be using the ThermaVet camera to conduct research on polo ponies. The ease of use and compact size is allowing me to look at a high number of horses in a short amount of time, which is a necessity in my study.  I am very excited to implement the use of thermal imaging and to see what we can learn from the information it can provide us with so that we may better understand our horses.

Follow Hannah's progress in the ThermaVet forum! - ThermaVet Admin

Georgie Wood - Event Rider www.georgiewoodeventing.com

I bought the Thermavet at Badminton to help keep track of a tendon injury that one of my horses picked up last season. It is always tricky when feeling his leg as sometimes I would worry it was a bit warmer, but with feel I never knew if it was just me. Now I can use the Thermavet as often as I like in order to track any changes in heat over the site of the injury, being able to save the images to look back on. This gives me great peace of mind as I am able to check how it is reacting to different forms of exercise and therefore if I need to change the type or intensity of work in order to maximise his recovery. He had his first run back from injury last week and it was fantastic to assess his legs the next day and see that they were no warmer as a result of the run.
Thank you.

The Oakes Family - Showing Team @Toroakes

This is a fantastic tool and a must have for everyone. It's really easy to use and I could clearly see one of my ponies had a poorly shoulder and hamstring. I had already arranged for the physio but it gave me confidence in both her and the ThermaVet when she verified everything that I had detected myself through the usual means and had seen on the ThermaVet. Very happy to recommend.

Cass Riggs - Eventer and Owner of @SouthFarmEquest

My fabulous new horse #notanothercavalier came to me with a strain to his suspensory and check ligament and after scans from the vet was put on 6/12 Wks walking dependant on progress. I have used the ThermaVet to monitor his progress daily and it has proved invaluable as I can closely watch his progress. ThermaVet has allowed me to keep his fitness up without overdoing it. So happy as it means we will be eventing again in no time with no doubt of how his leg is! Huge thanks to the ThermaVet team, I honestly don't know how I managed without my ThermaVet gadget. I use it every day and can't recommend it enough, it's worth it's weight in gold.