Frequently asked questions to help you enjoy your ThermaVet.
We always recommend that you read the user instructions thoroughly before use.

Q. Do I need a Micro USB or C Type Connector?

A. Please select the correct connector when ordering your camera as the Micro USB connection does not fit into the Samsung 8 and above.

Q. Do I have to remove my phone case every time to connect the camera?

A. There is a wind-up mechanism on the camera that allows you to lengthen the connection port so that you can leave your case on, apart from a few very heavy duty cases are still too thick.

Q. I've attached the ThermaVet to my phone but it's not being recognised by the App.

A. Please ensure that the ThermaVet is fitted properly onto the phone.  If your phone has a case, you may need to use the wind-up mechanism, under the connection port on the camera, to lengthen the connection port. 

Q. Sometimes the App freezes when I leave it suddenly or turn the ThermaVet off and on quickly.

A. To avoid this please start up and shut down the App and ThermaVet properly. Should this occur simply turn the ThermaVet and App off and then restart.

Q. Can I use the ThermaVet app with a working iPhone that has no SIM?

A. Yes you can. This is very useful when you want a dedicated thermal imaging camera and don't really need the phone. Plus it's a great use for an old phone! To transfer your images you would have to download them directly to your computer or use Wi-Fi to email them.

Q. Can I leave the ThermaVet on my phone all of the time?

A. Yes you can. This can prove very useful.

Q. Will the ThermaVet drain my phone battery?

A. The ThermaVet has it's own battery so does not drain the phone battery to work. Using the App will use some of the phone battery, like all Apps.

Q. I can't download the App.

A. Please ensure your iPhone's software is version 7.1.1 or higher.

Q. What is the optimum distance for using the ThermaVet?

A. The ThermaVet has been designed so that the optimum distance is approximately an arms length or 1m from the subject being viewed.

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