ThermaVet Sponsorship Announcement!


ThermaVet want to support those that support us! We would like to announce our support for a hardworking, professional and caring showing team that deserves recognition and sponsorship.

We are proud to announce that we shall be sponsoring:

The Oakes Family – Showing Team

To celebrate we have issued the discount code: OAKES for our online shop. This will give customers
£25 off for a limited period! Buy now using the discount code to save disappointment! Read more about the Oakes family below and follow their achievements in this blog, social media and on our forum!

About the Oakes Family

The Oakes Family are based on their farm in Staffordshire. They consist of Avril & Martin Oakes, their children Tori, Charlie and Harry plus their biggest fans, Grandparents Mr & Mrs Preece.

We asked Avril the following questions on behalf of the family:

How did you get into showing?

My Dad! I loved show jumping, he loved showing, so ‘workers’ was the compromise! It turned out that I enjoyed it and it all grew from there. The children simply caught the bug from me and Dad.

What keeps you showing?

Good question! We love long hours, hard work and it costs a small fortune but when you see the ponies go well it makes it worth everything!

What is your proudest moment in showing?

That’s a really hard one as I am proud of them all the time. Tori getting Champion at the Royal International Horse Show twice on two different ponies and Charlie getting best of breed at Olympia would be up there. Plus them getting Champion and Reserve at Royal Windsor was amazing! Martin and Harry don’t show but I’m immensely proud of them too but for other reasons!

Can you give our readers a tip you’ve learnt over the years?

Enjoy it! We show for the enjoyment, we all have good days and bad days. If it goes wrong, go home, work hard and try again, tomorrow is another day.

What are you ambitions?

To keep enjoying it and to get a few more red rosettes would be great!

If you would like to follow the Oakes Family Showing Team please check Twitter, Facebook, this blog and forum for regular updates on their results. Plus watch this space for who we will be sponsoring next!

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