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The Revolutionary ThermaVet Thermal Imaging Camera

That Attaches to Your Smartphone.

ThermaVet are delighted to release to the worldwide equestrian market, a truly multi-purpose thermal imaging camera attachment for Smartphones. When connected to a Smartphone, ThermaVet, using FLIR technology, transforms the phone into a powerful thermal imaging camera but with all the advantages of the Smartphone’s connectivity and mobility. ThermaVet is an ideal management tool that provides a non invasive thermal image, allowing users to monitor and evaluate their horses and other animals regularly to establish what is ‘normal’ and all for £199.

The thermal imaging industry has grown more and more popular within the equestrian world. Many horse owners now rely on professionals who utilise thermal imaging. ThermaVet will be an invaluable monitoring tool for owners to monitor their animal’s in-between professional visits. ThermaVet believe this amazing complimentary tool will help owners establish when to call in the appropriate professional, whether it be the Veterinary, Farrier, Saddle Fitter, Thermographer, Dentist, the list is endless.

ThermaVet detects even the most minute, invisible heat energy variation, detecting temperature differences of 0.1’c which is 20 times more sensitive than the human hand, enabling the operator to use the device in many ways with its spot temperature measurement display. It is highly effective at monitoring recovery progress, to help judge when to bring the horse back into work, detecting signs of laminitis, locating abscesses, helping with saddle fitting, checking the tightness of bandages, etc., the versatility of the ThermaVet is truly astonishing.

ThermaVet images and videos can be shared with professionals and friends via text, email, social media or even the ThermaVet Forum, where the mantra ‘Share & Compare’ is positively encouraged. The ThermaVet is currently available for the iPhone 5/5s. However, over the next few months ThermaVet will be launching a device for all Smartphones and tablets including the iPad.

ThermaVet, welcome you to a mobile, personal, affordable, thermal imaging community.


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