It's got legs...

Knowing that I was travelling up to Scotland to meet Amanda on other business. I thought I'd search online for possible new products to sell or import while waiting for rush hour to pass before I made my move. I saw all types of products pop up, all of which I had seen in many versions before. I then came to the products made for cooling horses legs. As I am from an equestrian business background and having had horses all my life this caught my eye. This is my confession time...I am useless at detecting heat in horses legs or anywhere for that matter! I just don't seem to have that level of heat sensitivity in my hands. That's when I thought 'there must be a way of knowing for sure without getting the vet out on my every whim.' After a bit of research I knew I had struck gold. I had found the holy grail of my problems. I knew that this could be my solution. Not only that, this product could be useful in lots of industries, not just equestrian. I'll be honest, I did wonder whether to keep this business idea to myself, but I knew Amanda. I knew that if I was to have a partner in this, she would be perfect. Amanda is one of the few people in life that is not afraid to say the truth. This is something I have always respected. I knew that I would only ever get an honest answer from her - whether I liked it or not! I rang Amanda to let her know I was setting off and mentioned my idea briefly. Little did I know that as I was travelling up the country busy thinking about the product, Amanda was busy researching the idea and using her extensive business experience she determined the viability of the product.
On arriving in beautiful Scotland, Amanda and I had dinner and we discussed our potential new business. After much discussion we both agreed that 'it's got legs'...ThermaVet was created on 10th March 2015 by Amanda Pickford and Dawn Danby over dinner in Kelso, Scotland.

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