Laminitis - Early Treatment is Key

Hoof Diagram

The early stages of the disease is when the animal is uncomfortable and showing signs of lameness, but major damage has not yet occurred within the hoof.

The chances of recovery are maximised if treatment is started early

The following symptoms may indicate the presence of laminitis:

  •  Hooves that feel hot and feet that are painful with pressure to the sole
  • A tendency for the horse to stand with its legs stretched forward, while leaning backward, to ease his weight off his feet
  • Mild cases will constantly shift their weight from foot to foot as they try to find the least painful way of weight-bearing
  • The pain of laminitis means that the horse’s pulse and respiratory rate rise

Always speak with your vet if you have any concern.

The earlier you apply light therapy treatment to any trauma, cell damage can be reduced and recovery time can be quicker.

Infrared light is one of the only physical therapies that act to create a healing effect. Cells that are injured can actually be rejuvenated by light. Light Therapy provides treatment using LED’s that emit red and infrared light which penetrates the skin to stimulate energy production and other metabolic processes in affected areas

Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) do not deliver enough power to damage the tissue, but they do deliver enough energy to promote natural self-healing and pain relief. With its power output optimized to be most effective, the LED’s provide a much gentler delivery of the same healing wavelengths of light, as laser treatments, but without the risk of accidental eye damage that lasers have.

The Photizo® provides one-touch, pre-programmed, effective dosages for the treatment of many painful and inflammatory conditions and ensures that the effective amount of joules/dosages for specified conditions are delivered precisely and effortlessly.

On the bottom of the hoof, when treating ailments such as laminitis, infrared lights help decrease inflammation and bruising, while increasing the blood supply which stimulates circulation helping to heal. Infrared light promotes collagen production, and because it is the essential protein for the repair of damaged tissue, healing occurs more quickly.

Infrared light penetrates into bone and muscle.  It has been shown to double the vessel diameter in the lymph system; therefore, the swelling or edema that can occur, along with bruising, is more quickly eliminated from the body.  ATP carries energy to cells and creates the chemical firing that occurs between cells.  Infrared light increases the adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  This helps to feed the cells and actively eliminates waste.  Endorphins are activated so that pain is minimized, and RNA and DNA synthesis increases, consequently, damaged cells are replaced more quickly.

So for just a few minutes every day, laminitis or any other type of hoof issue can be resolved.  Don’t worry about adverse side effects.  It has been proven that the cells of the body accept only the amount of energy needed to heal.  The body will only absorb the amount of light it requires.

ATP is the major carrier of energy in the cells and is made by the cell’s power units, the mitochondria. Without ATP, all cellular functions cease, and an increase in ATP allows the cells to accept nutrients faster and to dispose of waste products by increasing the energy levels in the cell. ATP provides the chemical energy that drives the chemical reactions of the cell. ATP production is enhanced by light therapy, as light of an optimal wavelength energizes the cytochrome b structure, allowing it to donate electrons to the electron transport chain at a greater rate to increase ATP production.


For more information about identifiying and treating laminitis

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