This is a tutorial for the ThermaVet firmware update to ensure your ThermaVet is up to date with current models and so that only one App is required across the range of ThermaVets (the models for all other Android and iOS Smartphones/pad are soon to be released). It will also resolve any issues you may have since updating your software.

There will be an automatic firmware and software update released soon. Until then we have produced this tutorial to help those that may need to bridge the gap.

Firmware Download Instructions

1. Ensure you have a strong signal or ideally connect to Wi-Fi.

2. Make sure your phone and ThermaVet is fully charged.

3. Attach your ThermaVet and turn on as normal.

4. Open your FLIRONE App as normal.

5. Tap on the Cog symbol in the top left of the screen to take you to the utilities menu.

6. Tap on Settings.

7. Tap on About FLIR ONE.

8. Now tap on firmware update. This can sometimes take up to 10 seconds to appear on the screen as the App will be checking the ThermaVet to see which version of the firmware it is currently working on.

9. Follow the instructions to update to Firmware version 1.0.11

Your ThermaVet may be on firmware version 1.0.08 so this process may have to be completed three times. It is preferable that between each update the App is turned off and the ThermaVet is removed from the iPhone and turned off. You can then start the process again to download the next version.


If you have followed the instructions above you should not have any problems. If the update fails to download please go through the instructions from step 1. ensuring that you have a good internet connection and that your phone and ThermaVet have full battery.

Should you have any queries please email and we will be happy to assist you.